July 1st, 2019

The first day in Avaya Dalian

Work items overview

  • Reset global handle password.
  • Fetched my contract from FSG.
  • Talked with Bruce about my work plan.
  • Had a brief meeting with my colleague Zhang Xin from Rex about our learning plan this fortnigh.
  • Deploy CM 8.0 and add trunks to make stations from different CMs can call each other.

Sth. need to remember&learned sth. new today

  1. Open ticket to IT while chatting with IT directly in ITSS has move to Avaya onecare webpage.
  2. Avaya Aura include CM, AMS, AES, SM etc.
  3. Write down key steps of deploying CM in VM&making call from different CMs below.

Main work today

Deploying CM in VM&making call from different CMs

  1. Download .ova file from Avaya support(need PLDS).
  2. Install .ova file in VM.
  3. Use craft or init account to login to CM and set the IP configs and user’s account.
  4. You need to save translation and reset CM for creating a translation file when you first login. Login with browser, and add webLM.

    save translation
    reset sys 4
    add ip-interface procr
  5. Then you need to change system features to increase available stations number.

    change system-parameters customer
  6. Change dialplan analysis to add ext, fac, dac numbers.

    change dialplan analysis
  7. Add stations(Avaya one-x agent can only use 9640 phones).

    add stations xxxx
  8. Add node-name ip, signalling-group for AMS then add media-server and match each other. Use sip and tcp for AMS signalling-group.

    change nodes-name ip
    add signalling-group 1
    add media-server 1
  9. Add node name ip for other CMs, and add signalling group and trunk group then match each other.

    add nodes-name ip
  10. login stations with Avaya one-x soft phone.