July 2nd, 2019

2nd day in Avaya Dalian

Work items overview

  • Finished the contract and gave it to FSG.
  • Created a new version CM(CM8.1).
  • Recorded some servers’ IP address and account.
  • Set a 9640 phone and counnect it to CM.
  • Use dac to call other phones in other CM.

Sth. need to remember&learned sth. new today

  1. Mute27238# is the default code to set 9640 phones.
  2. Yuping and Stone tell me a way to use config file to set
    parameters of 9640 phones
    automatically, which 9640 phones always request when they connect to the net. And Yuping provide me a software to make a computer to become the IP phone file server, which can be used to do CM test. The software and its guide document can be referenced in Avaya software and Documents notebooks.
  3. Something else about the software, we take 96xx file as the config file which can be download in Avaya support. We can also put phoneware, which the phones can use to upgrade, in the software then make the phones upgrade automiclly after reset.
  4. Today I took a lot of time to slove a
    CM configuration Issue, which remind me to take care when do the configration things. The Issue and solve way are recorded below.

Issue&Ways to figure it out

only one side can make call, two phones in different CMs

  • I created two CMs, and register a phones in each CM, one extension can call another but cant call back.
  • Stone and I took a lot of time to review the config in near-end, found nothing wrong. At the end we found the problem is in the far-end, I didn’t match the signalling group and the trunk group in their setting.

9640 phone can get config file from file server but cant discover call server

  • Issue end up with Zhang Xin and I didt fill up the VLAN ID, we should take 1003 as VLAN ID