July 3rd, 2019

3rd day in Avaya Dalian

Work items overview

  • Finished Automatic Alternate Routing (AAR).
  • Finished Calling Party Informnation Displaying.
  • Finished announcement recording.
  • Used Hunt-groups and call vectors to implement Automatic Call Distribution(ACD).

Main work today

Finished AAR

Automatic Alternate Routing (AAR) AAR allows private network calls to originate and terminate at one or many locations without accessing the public network. When you dial an access code and phone number, AAR selects the most desirable route for the call and performs digit conversion as necessary. If the first choice route is unavailable, another route is chosen automatically.

  1. FIrst we need to add a route pattern which point to the trunk group we need to go through.

    change route-pattern 2

    What we need pay attention to is that the Facility Restriction Level(FRL) should not bigger than user COR.

  2. Then we should verify AAR capabilities in system parameters customer opinos screen.

    change system-parameters customer-options

    Turn ARS/AAR Partitioning and private networking to y.

  3. Change dialplan analysis, create Feature-Access-Codes(FAC) then add it to change feature-access-codes

    change dialplan analysis
    change feature-access-codes
  4. change aar digit-conversion.

    change aar digit-conversion 0

    Put the number we need, to match the stations we want to call, in the dialed string screen, then point to the route pattern we just add.

Then we can use AAR to replace TAC to go through trunks to call extentions that registered in other CMs.

Finished announcement recording

An announcement is a recorded message a caller can hear while the call is in a queue, or if a call receives intercept treatment for some reason.

  1. We need a extensions to record the announcement

    add announcement xxxx

    We use intergrated as then Annc type and type a media server source. Turn queue to y.

  2. Change class of service

    change cos 

    change console permissions 1 to y.

  3. change feature-access-codes, typr *11 to announcement access code.

  4. record an announcement.
    STEP1. From a telephone or console, dial the Announcement Feature Access Code (FAC).
    STEP2. Dial the announcement extension.
    STEP3. When you hear dial tone, dial 1 to begin recording.
    STEP4. To end the recording with dial #.

Finished Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)

  1. Enable system feature

    display system-parameters customer-options

    Turn ACD, BCMS,Expert agent selection, service observing and vectoring to y.

    Change system-parameters features

    Enabled EAS and set minimum Agent-loginID. turn ACW agent considered idle and BCMS/VuStats LoginIDs to y.

    1. add hunt-group

      add hunt-group next
      … refer to document Traing20180501 in Avaya Document.

Problems today

  1. How to display name in the phone while calling?
  2. How to set ars?
  3. In ACD, how to make extentions in one hunt-group ring together?